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Life Experience of 3 Days and 2 Nights on Frash Island!

Welcome to the glamorous and breathtaking scenery of the great Austraian Beach through Camping Safari using 4wd

Conran Camping Tours will facilitate and provide all your desired needs durig entire once-in-a-lifetime experience of 3 days. The 4WD provided will necessitate your arrival on the renowned, magnificent and of course the largest sand Island in the world, according to Tours Australia

This will be in the shortest time possible, giving you ample time to enjoy your moment

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The Art Accommodation

Just a minute away from Rainbow Beach you'll find Beach Hotel & Apartments

The hostel which is very beautiful and ideal, is located ar a distance of 12km from the relaxation point, and from the Island, it's approximately about 14km. 

Available Hostel Facilities

High speed Free Wi-Fi

Complimentary Breakfast Provided

Outdoor swimming Pool


Free Ample Car Parking

The distance to the beach is just 2 minutes away from the apartment

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Major Activities

Surfing Lession

There's a sufring which is conducted in the morning in the Rainbow Beach.The longestsurf break in Australia in only experienced in the Rainbow Beach

Double-Island Point Scene

Double Island Point is a scenic headland offering mesmerising views along the beach and out to sea.

Kayaking Experience

The great adventures an experience along the exotic ocean give conducive room foe you to Kayak

Sky Diving on Fraser

Fraser Island provides a spectacular and striking scene. Dueto this, Tandem Sky Dive is very interesting and memorable.

The Carlo Sand

Enjoy the beautiful scene of the colored sands which cover a portion of the beach. This is the best viewed while sittling on Carlo sand.

Colored Sands

Colored sands form towering cliffs which are found along the southernside of the beach which is about 30 minutes walk.

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