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Have amoment of your life like no other through the great Island of Fraser and its rich heritage. Fraser Island is ideal for adventure involving groups, getaway for lovers or spouse and definitely best for families seeking holdays.

Conran Camping Tours has a fleet of cars which mainly are made by Toyota. It is also involved in the hiring of cars and issuance of the requirements of camping alongside permits.Conran Camping Tours caters for every customer’s needs through the provision of Land cruisers which are automatic in nature for a great adventure experience. In order to provide maximum fun moments without any inconveniences, the vehicles are well maintained, training for the drivers provided and a briefing about safety made.

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Surfing & Body boarding On Fraser Island

Wake up and head to the Rainbow Beach, where a surfing lesson is taking place.

All Conran Camping Tours guests get the privilege of being given free body boards and should make an inquiry about them at the reception upon arrival.

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Double Island Section

This section of the Island gives a great and spectacular view of the beach heading towards the sea. Through the use of four-wheel-drive- vehicle, it becomes much easier to traverse the beach. Therefore, it is possible for you to undertake various activities under one single opportunity at the beach.

It is through this point of the Island that those people who find fun in hiking will enjoy most. Through climbing the steep point of the double Island, you will be able to view the great wildlife scene at a glance. The double Island Point along the rainbow Beach has a light house which is historic and beautiful colored sands along the shore line.

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Things to do in Rainbow Beach - Double Island Point

The Rainbow Beach has only one point that can only be easily accessed by 4WD equivalent a single walk way of two and a half hours. Thispoint is the mysterious Double Island. A kayak tour would definitely do you good. The Rainbow Beach is a natural habitat to both land and marine creatures. Some of the marine creatures found here include: sting rays, crabs, sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, among many others.

During the adventure, you won’t miss to see these creatures. Sky Diving Tandem and Skydive along the Fraser Island gives you an enthralling experience of sea birds. This will leave you mesmerized and with memorable thoughts. There also exists a National park-the Great Sandy, which surrounds the Rainbow Beach on Fraser Island. You will experience a 15,000ft free fall within one minute.

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The Carlo Sand Blow

A sand dune occupying or covering approximately 15 hectares of the Rainbow Beach is what called the Carlo Sand Blow. Its natural and shaped like a moonscape. When viewed from Double Island point through the coastline and the stunning sands which are colored, the Carlo Sand Blow stands out

The southern tip of Fraser Island was named after a crew member of Captain Cook’s deck. He was called Cooloola. From Pippies Beach house to the Cooloola Drive top is half an hour walk hence using a 4WD is more convenient and time saving. It is also fascinating to view the sun rise and set over Tin Can and the Great Sandy Straits of the Rainbow Beach

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Rainbow Beach Colored Sands

TThe rainbow Beach has colored sand which make up the towering cliff. This is evident when you walk along the main path as you head towards the colorful cliff. The sand has a blend of attractive colors ranging from brown, gold, silver, black, grey, pink, among many more colors.

Actually, it is a great masterpiece of nature as it consist of as many as 72 colors of sand which are different.

Legend of Colored Sands

The town’s name derives from the rainbow-colored sand dunes surrounding the settlement; according to the legends of the people, the dunes were colored when Yiningie, a spirit represented by a rainbow, plunged into the cliffs after doing battle with an evil tribesman.

Swimming adventure

The Rainbow Beach offers free body boards available at the reception. There are volunteers and lifeguards who are professionals and patrol the glamorous surf beach. The netted flagged area is for the purpose of giving you peace of mind so that you keep in mind not to miss swimming between the flags.

The Poona Lake


White sandy beach surround the lake which has fresh water, which has the color of tea. Con Ran Camping Tours offer a great walk during the day, or a picnic at Bymien area through a drive that is short. This is accompanied by a walk for a cool refreshing swim at the beautiful lake which is perched

The Creek of Seary


Approximately 7.5 kilometers from the Rainbow Beach, on Rainbow Beach Road, is a place to rest during the day. The place is called Seary’s Creek. It has refreshing holes for swimming. The boardwalk made of timber goes through a low woodland into a cool and pure creek. It stretches to a distance of 100 meters and can be accessed through a wheel chair.

The Wolf Rock Dive site


Discover refreshing swimming holes at Seary’s Creek day rest area on Rainbow Beach Road, seven and a half kilometres south of Rainbow Beach. The 100-metre wheel chair accessible timber boardwalk passes through heath and low woodland to a refreshingly chilly crystal clear creek.

Wolf Rock Dive site


In Australia, it has been considered for a long period of time as one of the best dives! The Wolf Rock is a marine sanctuary that is committed and located off the section of Double Island. It is a site for aggregation and also, a natural habitat to many Grey Nurse Shark, which are highly endangered in Queensland.

During summer at Wolf Rock, water becomes warmer hence it brings with it quite a number of wonders including: Wobbegong Sharks, White-spotted Eagle Rays, Pink Whip Rays and Marbled Fantail Rays. A drive site is made from the volcanic pinnacles which have been submerged and a display which is impressive put on it.

DHumpback Wales migrate in multitudes during the months of winter. Also, during months that are cooler, great Rays of Manta tend to be frequent. It is during the same period of the year that random witnessing of not less than three species of the following animals is made: Queensland Grouper which is huge, sea Turtle and great number of Pelagic fish like Barracuda, Mulloway, Trevally and Mackerel.

TDiving during the day at Wolf Rock is advisable for you to clearly and easily see the Shark, hard and soft corals, Octopus, sea snakes, anemone fish and Moray Eels. It is through this that you will realize that the around the world, Australia is the best for Ray and Shark dive.

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